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Imaging Concepts' Supply Catalog

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Imaging Supplies

Imaging Concepts carries a wide assortment of imaging supplies for the ultrasound lab and the diagnostic imaging centers. Our supply division was started in 1986 when we found that our customers were in need of ultrasound imaging products and supplies for use with their sonogram systems. Our supply catalog is quite extensive and a copy can be obtained by calling us at 804-755-8701 or e-mail supply sales at and request a copy of our full line catalog. Our catalog also includes ultrasound systems, video and related peripheral equipment such as thermal printers, VCRs and monitors, as well as consumable items.

Listed below is a sample of our consumable supplies.
Download our catalog to the left for a full listing of our products.

Aquasonic Gel Part#: 01-50

5 Liter $18.50 ea.
Case of 4 $70.00

Sony UPP-110 Thermal Paper

10 rolls/box

1-2 Boxes $166.80/box
3-9 Boxes $157.45/box
10+ Boxes $149.80/box

Sani Cloth Disinfecting Wipes

1-11 Tubs $7.49 ea.
Case of 12 $87.00

P/I Ultrasound Antibacterial Transducer Spray

Part No. 36210125

Per bottle $7.15 ea.
Case of 12 $84.00

Civco Part#: 610262

Per Bag of 500 $97.45

Civco Part#: 610249

Per Bag of 100 $27.25